Gladiator PLT 10 is a shallow water rigied pipe line trencher, width water supply from the surface. Through two 6'' Flexitex water hoses, the system is diver and surface operated. One complet unit fits in to one 400 feet container, and the equipement can bee installed on a small barge or boat on site. That ensure a fast mobilization to a reasonable cost worldwide.

Technical specification

Operating dimension

Lenght: Pipe trench mode 12m
Lenght: Cable trench mode 5m
Width: 6m
Height: 1,5m
Weight in air: 1800kg
Submerged: 900kg adjustable

Waterpump on frame

Weight: 3000kg
Capacity: 850m3/hr at 15 Bar
Trenching depth: 2,5m
Trenching width: 1m
Operating waterdepth: From 50m and up on dry land

Seabed soil type

Sand, silt, gravel and clay up to 250 kPa